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Park Makers assemble!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Thrapston Nene Valley Park project.

​It is a wonderful opportunity for lots of local people to help deliver the most amazing nature park in the heart of the Nene Valley.

The project is being run by a volunteer management team, in conjunction with Thrapston Town Council.

Join over a hundred local volunteers and together we will create, build, clear land, fundraise, dig, plant, promote, maintain, get stuck in and have some fun as we transform 30 acres of wasteland, woodland and open space into a fantastic green space for Thrapston. 

What Park Makers get to do

Volunteer PHYSICAL help such as clearing land, digging, planting, building stuff and maintenance.


Offer as much time as you are able and within your physical capability.

​Volunteer talent or professional SOFT SKILLS for publicity, social media, fundraising, grant applications legal or accountancy. 

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Why become a Park Maker?

  • Create a legacy park for Thrapston that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

  • Play a vital role in the conservation and enhancement of our treasured local landscape.

  • Volunteers are the lifeblood of our park. So much can be achieved from a little dedication and commitment.

  • Be outside in our beautiful countryside, mix with local people with similar interests, make new friends, keep fit and improve your wellbeing.

Donate or
leave a legacy

​Become a Park Friend. Make a donation of money, equipment, plants or materials.

We’re delighted to have so many local volunteers helping us to create our new park, but we rely heavily on donations to make our park a reality. It’s simple, the quicker we raise funds, the quicker we can create the park.

Funds will be sought through government and nationwide grants but monetary and legacy

donations from local people will be used right at the heart of our work and help build and maintain our wonderful nature park.


You might also consider making a donation of equipment such as a park bench as a family or in memory of a loved one or donate natural items such as trees, shrubs and seeds.


The project is not funded by Council Tax or from the budget of Thrapston Town Council. Once each phase is completed it will be handed to the Council and volunteers to maintain. You’ll find more on our Info page.


Please consider a donation or legacy.

Together we can bring local people closer to nature and ensure we create and maintain this beautiful 30-acre riverside space that continues to inspire us all.

Contact us by email to discuss a legacy, or click below to donate. Thank you

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Park Maker info

All the info our Park Makers need for our helping to create our park.

General briefing for our physical activities: download here

Park Maker Handbook (to come)

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