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We’re making a park!

What a difference a day makes with some exceptional Park Makers!

We're off and running, spending the day in the glorious spring sunshine on the bank of the River Nene transforming the first of our opportunity areas.

Guided by the Wildlife Trusts, our intrepid team cleared and tidied scrub and brambles to really open up an area that hadn’t had TLC for many years… you can actually see the river now!

Together we’ve created protected areas alongside the riverbank for nature to thrive, cut back an enormous buddleia (an invasive species that we’ll keep in check) and one of our Park Makers built the most brilliant Bug Hotel.

It’s amazing what can be done by a wonderful group of volunteers in just a few hours.

We plan to finish this Opportunity Area soon, the start making our way around the rest of our 30-acre park – bringing it to life.

What to join in? Sign up here and join our group on Facebook.

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